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Gabriela Lago

Art Show 9 april 2022.jpg
WORLD-CLASS ART SHOW! Gallery Zeitgeist's ART SHOW in UPPSALA, on 9 April 2022 was a huge success!
Gabriela Lago's oil paintings got a lot of attention from the wide crowd of art lovers who visited, Saluhallen (Hyllan) in Uppsala City, Sweden. 
Interview with Gabriela Lago 4.jpg
A short clip about the oil painting "Elentari" from the 11-minute interview conducted by Sofia Bo from Galleri Zeitgeist.
Briana - Creation in progress
Interview with Gabriela Lago 3.jpg
The full length video of the Interview with Gabriela Lago conducted by Sofia Bo from Galleri Zeitgeist.
"Openness and awareness of different life forms in nature have always inspired my artistry as a painter.
Various animals, fairies, elves, plants, flowers, yes everything living is for me a gift that I want to share through my art within magic realism". Gabriela Lago/Artist
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Artwork by Gabriela Lago