Art And Its Impact On People


Artists create pieces of art that have an inner meaning and/or beauty that they want to pass on and that they hope will have a meaning for other people as well. Painters for example want to communicate the underlying meaning of their artwork to those who have the opportunity to study their piece of art.


It, therefore, seems very clear that the purpose of art in all its forms is communication. Not just any communication but especially the things that express the moments in life that most people have that are perceived as meaningful and emotional.


Oil paintings and other art forms that for example can be found in an art gallery signal and touch by fulfilling our most basic human needs. Through arts ability to touch our innermost being, communicate, grasp and express ideas about the big and small things in life and what people care about, the most after their basic biological needs have been filled.


People have a need to be social and share both life's difficult and positive experiences with their fellow human beings. This is done through communication, which again leads us into the meaning of art that communicates to the viewer and starts up different processes within us, which in turn gives us meaning in life. Art captures depict and express our shared humanity: how we feel about ourselves, other people, and the world around us.


From art, we can learn a lot about ourselves and at the same time give ourselves an enriching inner life that makes us better functioning individuals on all levels. Visit an art gallery today and let yourself be swept along in the experience that brings your inner self to life.