Best art galleries online

Here is a selection of the best art galleries online. This list is by no means complete but is still a good start for you who have just started to become curious about art in all its forms.



Minted is a very popular online art gallery where you can find independent artists.

At Art Gallery Minted you can find painters and search artwork by style, color or medium. Allows you to narrow your search of oil paintings, fine art, and art in general so you can find the perfect work of art for your home. By searching for style, medium and color, you can easily match the selected work of art with your home's interior design and choice of colors, pillows, accessories etc. The online art gallery Minted is a great choice for finding painters and art at a reasonable price.



Juniper Print Shop

This is a Print shop/online art gallery where they specialize in offering physical prints but also slightly cheaper digital downloadable files. For those who want to buy great modern art to fill the walls with at home, you have ended up right and depending on budget, you can always find the right art print for your private art collection. Art printing has long been on the rise

march and when you order, you can either choose physical print on your desired art print which Juniper Print Shop can then be delivered directly to your home. You can also choose to order a digital file on the selected work of art, which you can then just download and print on your own printer, for example. At Juniper Print Shop you will find modern art at reasonable prices.


Saatchi Art

Is a popular online art gallery with a huge selection of works of art, everything from oil paintings to sculptures. Saatchi Art

Is a art gallery with a huge selection of works of art, everything from oil paintings to sculptures. Saatchi Art, is also an online art gallery where you can explore art according to price level. They have a huge content-rich digital art gallery where you can find everything from expensive paintings to affordable drawings.



Here you can find many artists and painters around the world. You can find species in a white and wide price range, so regardless of budget, you can always find something that suits you. They have a good structure of the art gallery which allows you to spend many hours in front of the computer screen and enjoy different styles of art such as magical art, portraits, fine art, canvas paintings etc.



When you enter their website, search directly for the tab, Art & Collectibels ”. There you will find everything from oilpaintings, prints, vintage art and sculptures.

The prices of the works of art they offer vary greatly but you narrow down your search by a range of price points.

World Market

The world market

Among home furnishings and furniture, you will also find affordable wall art. Here you can discover canvas art, posters, photographs and art prints.


Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective offers many new artists' artwork. Discover new talent and support their contemporary art on a reasonable budget. You can search for different art forms like oilpaintings and sculptures which will facilitate the search process. They also have a search function where you select the desired price level.