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A trip to Madrid changed my artistic focus and current art


Gabriela Lago

Gabriela was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a small region called Ciudadela. With a mother from Argentina and a father from Italy, she got an early worldly view of life and her art. 

Gabriela started drawing already at the age of 6 and at the age of 12 she started painting with oil. She got inspiration from her mother who was an artist and her side of the family. Her aunt would prove to have a significant role in Gabriela`s art as she also was an artist and both painted portraits and sculpted. One of her aunt´s sculptures can be seen in the public space of the city of Córdoba in Argentina. 

At the age of 12, Gabriela won an artist competition in the city of Verona in Italy. The winning entry

consisted of a pencil drawing and an acrylic painting on paper. 

At the age of 14-16, Gabriela exhibited her oil paintings in various galleries in Provincia Verona, Italy.

This with the support of her father, who always supported her artistic vein. 

At the age of 15, she studied for two years at the Michelangelo Buonarroti Art School in Verona, Italy. Then at the age of 17, she began to study at the Art School Nani in Verona, Italy.

During school time, she received assignments from various actors within the municipality. For example, she painted various theater decorations in different school environments and door glass in cafés and boutiques. The rumor spread quickly that young Gabriela was a talented artist and for a period of 4 years she painted portraits of people who sent in pictures of themselves.

One of Gabriela's oil paintings from 1980 depicting Santa Teresa can be seen in the church, Basílica Santa Teresa di Gesu Bambino in Verona.

After school, Gabriela made two trips to Córdoba, Argentina, the latter to her aunt, who taught her the art of sculpturing in both wood and plaster/cement.

At the age of 20, family life and children increasingly took over Gabriela´s time and it became an artistic break of over 20 years.

But once she took up her artist career again, she did so with a joy and energy that seemed to reflect an unconscious lack of her artistry but which with increasing clarity had been hidden beneath the surface. The inherent creative power led her to start sculpting.

There were many sculptures, everything from buddhas to the child Jesus in the arms of Mary. 

Ten years later, a five-year period followed in which she concentrated on painting "mandala".

At the age of 55, Gabriela began painting in oil again. She drew inspiration from the Viking age and female shamans, which later led her to portray more strong female role models such as Maria Magdalena, Frida Kahlo, and others. 

In 2019, Gabriela traveled to a good friend in Madrid, Spain, which again changed her artistic focus. Her friend had written a book which i.a. described elves. Gabriela received a copy as a gift, which gave her inspiration for her current art, where the proximity to nature, elves, and its essence play a significant role. 

In her search for a life in harmony with nature, she eventually ended up in Scandinavia, where she feels a strong connection with its history and culture. 


Various works of art from Gabriela Lago will be on display at SoHo Gallery in Västerås, Sweden from 18 May 2021 for a period of 6 months. Take the chance to see Gabriela's latest work in the esteemed elf and fairie collection. Here is Gabriela together with the owner of SoHo Gallery Ghada Zaky.



One of Gabriela's oil paintings from 1980 depicting Santa Teresa can be seen in the church, Basílica Santa Teresa di Gesu Bambino in Verona.



Gabriela Lago captured in a photo in her studio in Cordoba, Argentina



Trädgårdsgalleriet (The Garden Gallery) in Västerås, Sweden have now opened up for summer 2021.  Selected paintings from Gabriela Lago's Elf Collection can be seen in a beautiful outdoor garden.


Täby Centrum Mall in northern Stockholm has become even more beautiful and interesting when Konstlobbyn's Galleri opens its doors on 1 July. Welcome to see selected works of art from Gabriela Lago's popular elf collection at Konstlobbyn's Galleri in Täby, Stockholm, which opens its doors on 1th of July, starting at 10am. 



Gabriela Largo is now a proud member of SoHo Gallery since May 18, 2021. Gabriela's limited edition art prints in the elf and fairie collection can now be seen at SoHo Galleri on Stora gatan 18 in Västerås, Sweden.