Fine Art

Fine art is to be equated with visual art that the viewer absorbs for his aesthetic and intellectual impact on his surroundings. Fine art is judged primarily for its beauty and deeper content that is perceived as meaningful to its viewers. Fine art can be found i.a. the art forms of oil paintings, watercolor, drawing, graphics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and architecture. If a person with less skill tries to create a work of art, he will either succeed but more likely it will be a less successful attempt and thus a failed attempt, but still, it is an attempt at art but not an attempt at fine craftsmanship or fine art. Failure to achieve does not turn art into craft or vice versa. Other crafts and sciences have a utilitarian purpose or a purely decorative purpose, but in art, people strive to look at themselves and others, to consider nature to live as a human being and to find ways to capture, express, and communicate with empathy and passion. So the purpose of art is similar in its purpose to the purpose of poetry, fine literature, or theater. Visual art made for example by painters is best understood as a visual language, which helps us to understand the term "Fine Art" a little better, ie. art that people can communicate through both to themselves and their surroundings. There are many exhibitions to explore so why not look up an art gallery and find out more about fine art.