Magic Realism Art

Magic Realism adds magical elements which becomes an innovative fusion between realistic descriptions and mythical elements. Magic Realism Art can also be described as an art form where you blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. 


Magical Realism Art can be perceived as a contradictory style of art and literature. Even for those who are familiar with magical realism, it is difficult to distinguish it from similar genres such as realism, certain comic books, surrealism, fantasy, and science fiction. Magical Realism Art is an art form where both the artist and the viewer have an acceptance of the unrealistic as a natural part of reality, which creates imaginative, beautiful, and cross-border worlds. Different genres in the field of Magic Realism Art or Fantasy Realism Art overlap with each other with an often imaginary and fictional perception of nature and its various creatures. 


The genre Magic Realism Art is an adventurous, imaginative and exciting art form. Artwork can be surprisingly detailed and with a mysterious aura that affects its viewers. Magic Realism Art often distorts the movement of time and provides space for a circular time pattern instead of a linear one.

Different events and experiences can be perceived in different dimensions, which gives its artistic expression unimaginable possibilities and expressions for describing new ways of thinking and life forms.