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Gallery SoHo - Connect Creativity.

Gallery SoHo is a destination for artists and art lovers located in the heart of Västerås city. A must when visiting the town. 


ArtA - Artist shop, gallery & courses

ArtA is a shop and gallery in Västerås where you as an artist and painter can find everything you need in your creative process. If you want to develop as an artist, there are also art courses of various kinds.


Lindkvist Fotolab - The professional photo lab that has existed in Västerås since 1964.

Whether you are a beginner, disaster magnet, hobby photographer or paparazzi, here you always get good customer service, good advice, world-class quality, fast and safe deliveries. A photo lab for high-quality Fine Art prints etc.

If you want to become a partner, give us a sign. Let's find out how we can help each other with new exciting opportunities!
Welcome to Gabriela´s world of canvas paintings and wall art!