Rob Gonsalves - Magic Realism Painter  


Robert "Rob" Gonsalves was a Canadian born in Toronto on July 10, 1959. Many described Robert's artwork as surreal, but it is equally right to call him an artist in magic realism. He himself said that he liked to express himself through images that make a connection between human-built environments and nature.


Rob Gonsalves saw his surroundings with its human environments, thereby generating ideas in which he mixed human and illusionist phenomena which he allowed to merge into a consideration that fascinates visually and mentally.


His mother, Ruth, has commented on his childhood and talent as a time when Rob was usually in his room or some other part of the home where he sat quietly and quietly drawing. Even then, his imagination was well developed and he looked at the world with different eyes than most others.


His ability for transitions between human influence and imagination gives the viewer a sense of magic in realistic scenes. This describes Rob's artistic ambition perfectly and the term "magical realism".


People want to believe in the impossible. That new worlds will open up before their eyes.

Through his art, Rob wanted to open up the possibility of the impossible. 


In connection with an artist's gallery starting to sell Rob's paintings, his career as an artist took off. 


In addition to studying during his college years, Gonsalves also painted trompe-l'œil paintings so-called. illusionist picture murals.

In 1990, Gonsalves exhibited his art at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, where visitors took his artwork with great delight and response. After this very positive response, he decided to paint full time.


During his lifetime, he produced many original paintings, limited edition prints, and illustrations for his own books.


Unfortunately, Gonsalves suffered from mental illness and ended his life far too soon on June 14, 2017. After his death, a granite plinth was installed at his cemetery in an attempt to preserve Rob's artistic heritage. On each side of the pedestal is a porcelain reproduction of Gonsalvet's paintings. 


The last painting that Rob painted shows a young man climbing a tree branch and leaning over a pond. The water looks like an astronaut's view of the earth. The tree climber does not look at the earth but straight into the stars and the grandeur of space. 


Rob Gonsalves has also been noticed by pop star Ariana Grande. In her music video, "God is a Woman" from 2018, a scene refers to Gonsalve's paintings, "Water Dancing" and Carved in Stone ”. 


Rob died far too soon, but he will be remembered through his art and his ability to touch people's minds.